Do what you want.
Has become my newly developed constitution, I pledge to uphold to myself.

You see, in doing what you want, it enables variations of things such as

Free Will. We all have the power and the capability to make choices. I do believe that every step, decision, we make leads to the path we have marked in our life. Everything does happen for a reason but it’s the PART OF YOU, that has made those choices because in our subconcious, we wanted to all along. Free will is like the manifestion of the person, you want to be.

Right and Wrong: Moral compass I doing what you want requires a battle of the right and wrong. If you allow yourslf the freedom to make choices base on your natural instinct and desire, you are incline to do what in connotation is right and wrong for you. For example, i think cheating is wrong. So therefore I want do it. Not because it’s a societal taboo, but simply because I don’t want to. This leads me to my arugement that everyone has a moral compass. But we’re so caught up in trying to prove ourselves to others whether its the goody-person image or the rebel-image. When we “do what we want” it inspires honesty and confidence, which ultimatetly society and the universe must learn to accept and appreciate.

Freedom. I have tossed this word around alot. I value my freedom and strkingly fierce independence. I am defiant. I am what I want to be and hope to become. Freedom is not determination but an evaluation of your choices, opprutinities and to make them. Their are limitations in life such as financial obligations, governmental duties, friend/family opinions, but none of the less we choose to abise these limitations. Or else we’d be lost without some sort of foundation or support. Some how we chose to be morally obligated to a child, because there are parents who don’t give a rat ass where their kid will end up. We chose to pay the bills – because we chose to spend money. It’s a give or take. You sk where is the freedom? Well my friends it is simple physics: for every action there is a reaction. You simply choose what action you take and can sometimes predict the counter reaction, that is the power human beings have: logic and abstract thinking.

Truth. This principle as simple as it sounds is suprisingly difficult to execute. How so? We tend to overanalyze and think of everything which sometimes causes hesistation. IN hesistation we refute and sometimes side-step important questions, connections, within our relationships with peers, family, and lovers. In doing what you want, you will come to a clear distinct truth. You’ll might not what to go to this party because you don’t like a certain person. Which is a fine, rather than the denial and reasonable logic of: I should go because I was invited, and thus result in a miserable time and awkard tensions.

Truth is often consider overrated, that is simply because we fear it and avoid it. But yet we yearn for it and desire it. It’s time we get past our complexities as individuals and learn to embrace to full force the time of person we are with our flaws and qualities, weaknesses and strengths, beauties and uglies of our nature. That is truth. Being comfortable in your skin. I like to read. I use to be afraid to admit this since some people consider it dorky and a bit dull, but once i admit it to myself and embraced my inner dorkness, forget it, all bets where off. And now within my immediate circle my peers have learn to embrace as a bravery and admire my confidence of my being. I am who I am. I do what I want.

Desire. What is desire? Desire to me is defined as doing what you want, what pleases you, your fantasies. Desire is labeled as such a bad thing because it is usually associated with sex. Women desire men. Men desire women. Or if you’re homosexual –the same sex. Whatever the case might be. Desire applies to the things you want must whether it’s a dvd, a person, a virtue. Desire only becomes dangerous when it leads to obession, envy, greed, and various deadly sins. Too much of anything is bad enough. But at it’s purity, desire is a life force. For example, some people desire sex, others desire sex with an intimate partner, others desire abstinence. It is all sex related but with different desires. The problem with desire becomes when you’re desire is mimicking that of anothers person desire. Using the sex example, just because my friends are sexually active does not mean I should desire the same sexually active lifestyle. Again, it’s doing what you want. I don’t want to, therefore I don’t.

Life. it is too short to spend it agonizing over problems, insecurities, doubts, and dilemnas. A year seems so far away but 12 months seems rapid, 52 weeks seems sudden. Some things require planning others are unplanned but they’re still rooted in your desire. Be confident in your choices, if it means stepping back and asking, what do i want? do so. But if your mind begins to wonder towards the “what would people think and react” stop thinking.

Most of the world citzens have pursued things they wanted. For example, Angelina Jolie wanted to adopt children, she did. Society was hesistate but she was still confident and thus resulted in a popular trend of adoption. In turn she helped the world..only by a simple action of desire. (im sure others can other negatively – don’t be judgemental). Ghandi – Wanted equal and liberation of India from the the Britain Trade company, this simple “do what I want” philosophy led him to be the figure of nonviolent movements and resulted in India’s independence. \

One can also argue negative impacts such as Hitler – he wanted a new race and the death of jews, therefore he executed them and establish the third reich. He suceeded but noy only because of his will but because other people followed him, some because they wanted to, facism, others did it because they “had no other choice”. If those people did not agree and did what they wanted to, Hitler would’ve been stopped sooner.

It is important to remember what matters it’s to be yourself. Not an image developed from others that you have adopted OF YOURSELF. In doing so you can be honest and confident. The universe has it’s balancing system, karma. for every action there is a reaction whether its good or bad. risk it. take it. see what happens. live it.