When you’re going through something that’s probably the dumbest thing any one can ever tell you. We all want those clear – cut answers. We all wanna know if everything weve been through is worth something. We all want to have that meaning and sense of purpose in our life. It’s understandable.

But you also gotta realize that maybe the truth of the matter is, maybe we’re not ready to understand the real reason, maybe we’re not in the right mind state to be able to appreciate it’s value. So while it may seem like a never ending battle, hold on to that hope, hold on to that peace, hold on to the knowledge that ater the storm passes, you’re going to be okay and you’re gonna laugh like you never did before.

Sometimes you’ll make it out without any cuts or scrapes. Sometimes you’ll make it out with bruises and deep-wounded scars. And other times you’ll feel like you’re barely able to breathe. But the point is, you’ll make out alive and still firmly in tact. It’s amazing the resilience we have as people to overcome anything.

So I guess the point of this is one thing. Hold On. Keep holding on and don’t ever let go. When you quit on yourself? All is lost. So hold on and get through. After all most of life is about surviving. So survive. Live.

Just think. Someday, if your story is ever told, it’s going to make one hell of a biography.