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So, as a 21st birthday gift to myself, I decided to go to Los Angeles, California.
I took only one partner in crime, my sister, the garcia duo.

In a nutshell: California is awesome and fabolous….for tourism of course. If you’re just there for 2-3 days, you’ll have a blast! But make sure you have the cash saved up. I dropped like 400 dollars on the first day, not to mention the 2nd and 3rd and oh the fourth.

It’s all about apperances and glamour. You’ll find small town houses that range from #4-5 millions dollars. Then you’ll find houses on the Hills that start at $20million. There’s constant construction. UCLA campus is gorgeous and huge! But I can already see myself miserable by the enviorement not to mention the prices. Gas is expensive!

But don’t get me wrong. I love californians. They’re all hospitable and funny. The beaches are gorgeous! and the nightlife…well pricey. You DO need a car to get around LA, cabs ranges from 70-80 bucks from LAX aiport to CityWalk/Beverly Hils. I recommend you take the tour buses. You’ll get all the tourism places such as Venice Beach, Santa Monica, City Walk, Beverly Hills, walk of Fame, Hollywood, Chinese Theather, and other places minus self discovery of course.
Los Angeles is excellent place for business as well, my sister and I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel by LAX and there was a wedding, family reunion, and tons of business people going in and out and having conferences in the hotel.

Overall, ir was an awesome trip. I don’t think I’d like going to law school here or live there. but vacation? DEF. Well, that’s all folks!

Happy Fourth!