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got back from a lively trip in #Nicaragua and #Costa Rica.  Adventure was not too far by behind.  Below is the activities we did, fun and adventure in the sun:

  • Volcano Hikes: Mambacho
  • Coffee Tour
  • Volcano Night Tour Mayassa
  • Bat caves
  • Granada City Tour on horse carriage
  • Kayaking to Private Island: Zapongo where we met the money: Cashew and the owner
  • Beaches
  • Horse back riding to Mud Bath and Hot Springs
  • 10-cable Zip-lining though the rainforest
  • Steak at Don Shula’s
  • Flor de Cana and Tonas till your heart content!
  • Boat Tour

Though Costa Rica has their tourism down a science, Nicaragua is no far behind.

It was a blessing to visit these areas and even more so to appreciate the voyage back home after enriching experiences, humility of culture & history, and appropriate gratification of the Land of the Free!


Presence vs. Daily Interactions

A friend of mine (bff) is undergoing several life events  (aka Tough times).

She used to hang out with colleagues/friends every day.  You know, go out, drinking, partying, and games ect.  What’s ironic is this: Just because you see someone every day doesn’t mean you are close or that they will be there for you.

Interesting. And very true.

It got me thinking ; there’s a difference with “presence”.  Presence is ‘being there’ in the good and bad, relied upon; a peace  and certainty that person is there whenever you need them or when you don’t, either way you can count on them.

Versus people who are just there.  Sure, because interact with them every day it would seem they are ‘there for you’ but when life hits you…indeed, may not be the case. Life trials will help “weed out”.

But for now, it’s a great reminder to spend time to with those that matter— rather make time with the people who have presence in your life. At the end of the day those are the ones you will turn to.


14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends – Forbes

So who are “successful people,” and what exactly are they doing on weekends?

I am officially 21 ladies and gentlemen!

i will write in this later.

They say, laughter is the closest distance between two people. They couldn’t be anywhere near more right.

just have two videos for this post. i’m too like blah to write what i feel or think. i hope this is enough.

wish you were emotionally there for me like you are with other people. here’s to the shaft end of “backing off”

come back down – lifehouse

The Fray – Trust me

dedicated to my sister.

A video about Darfur. Green Day – Working Class Hero.

A video of changes. “What I’ve Done” – Linkin Park

I have a dream – Common

Education Struggle of the Lower SES class in America.
Feauturring clips from the move “Freedom Writers”

There’s no turnng back, I caved in!

I finaly decided to start up one of my own blogs. Writing has become one of my subtle passions that i have neglected, but my inner ball-pen fingers could not resist. No more flamsy excuses. bold statemets, coming soon.