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Hey Peeps – Love this time of year.  The lights are up, people are friendlier, the red starbucks cups, the awesome pea coats, and most wonderful of all, commemorating Jesus Christ Birth!

So this year, I’ve spoke to some people who don’t feel the joy of christmas. Can’t help but feel sad because you know what?  Not about the gifts, but rather the spirit of Christmas. Giving.

It’s what the Grinch said, maybe Christmas is a little bit….more.

So if you have a smile, give.

If you have kind thoughts, speak

If you have enough, give.

If you have arms, hug.

If you have ears, listen.

If you have eyes, see the world around, and give what you are able to.

Happy Holidays! Warm Hugs & Wishes all around.




Presence vs. Daily Interactions

A friend of mine (bff) is undergoing several life events  (aka Tough times).

She used to hang out with colleagues/friends every day.  You know, go out, drinking, partying, and games ect.  What’s ironic is this: Just because you see someone every day doesn’t mean you are close or that they will be there for you.

Interesting. And very true.

It got me thinking ; there’s a difference with “presence”.  Presence is ‘being there’ in the good and bad, relied upon; a peace  and certainty that person is there whenever you need them or when you don’t, either way you can count on them.

Versus people who are just there.  Sure, because interact with them every day it would seem they are ‘there for you’ but when life hits you…indeed, may not be the case. Life trials will help “weed out”.

But for now, it’s a great reminder to spend time to with those that matter— rather make time with the people who have presence in your life. At the end of the day those are the ones you will turn to.


A friend of mine thinks I should pen my posts to the world; that I have an awesome perspective to offer in a space full of criticism and negativity; that my light must shine.  I think there’s plenty of light out there but I’ve been convicted to cast mine to the fire as well. (Kudos to those who have done so and continue to do so).

Words are powerful.

And even if no one like(s) or comment(s) on your post, believe this:

There’s someone out there who has read it, has been moved, or changed, or made better because of it.  So don’t stop. Do continue to write.

Here goes.